About us


 Thank you for choosing my website!

My job has been related with stone and boulder treatment for ten years. I work to make your house and garden look more beautiful, interesting and comfortable.

Boulder is eternal value and our true treasure, because of it`s unique and unrepeatable properties. There isn`t that much natural and durable materials as boulder. Our latvian boulder  is really unique, because of it`s multiplicity of colours, patterns, structures and shapes, that you will not be able to found anywhere else. The time, our lifestyle and fashion change, but boulder is and will be our value.

I do different kind of works:

  • Build retaining walls from stone and boulder, stairs and teracces.
  • For individual projects I build: :
  • Open fireplaces
  • Cassette type fireplaces
  • Fireplaces for garden and grills
  • Make boulder and stone sculptures and decorative elements.


I do my job qualitatively and with love.


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